Last year, Georgia Southern’s president, Bruce Grube, anounced that he would be leaving the university in a few months to retire. Grube is Georgia Southern’s 11th president, and he has been here for over ten years now. DUring his time here, he has done so much to better the university and it has grown tremendously. He has decided to continue his role as president until a proper replacement is found. The search for a new president is underway, and students are being given the opportunity to meet the potential candidates and see what they have to offer the campus, students, and faculty here.

     Each candidate has come to campus and spoke at the Performing Arts Center on their background,credentials and ideals for Georgia Southern. Candidates include: Raymond Alden, David Belcher, Brooks Keel, Kathleen Long, Belinda McCarthy, and Aaron Podolesfsky.

     Students have been encouraged to come out to the PAC to get to know these candidates, because it will not be much longer until one of them becomes our new president. As an active student leader on campus I care about those who lead us here on campus and I love that we have the opportunity to get involved in this selection.

     I have also had the opportunity to meet President Grube and his wife on several occasions and I can say they will be dearly missed.

Here is a picture of the couple cutting watermelons over the summer at Sweetheart Circle, one of GSU’s special traditions!